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Clear Umbrellas – Bulk Pack of 10

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Bulk pack of 10 clear wedding umbrellas – pick up or post from Sydney, Australia.

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Our incredibly popular Clear Wedding Umbrellas are now on sale! We’ve sold over 4000 of these package deals, saving hundreds of wedding parties and guests from the rain. If you’re after clear umbrellas Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

These clear umbrellas come in a bulk pack of 10. They conveniently fit in a neat box, so they’re easy to transport and are brand spanking new.

Why are these clear umbrellas so popular? 

Some recent feedback we’ve had is that these are the perfect umbrella for any weather on your wedding day. They’re affordable, easy to collect or fast to be posted, and they look stunning. They’re a natural umbrella style (no mushrooms or birdcages here!) with white tips, a curved white handle and a stylish silver frame. Their auto-open button is fun and convenient too.

They’re ideal for any weather – whether it’s cloudy, raining or pouring, these umbrellas will keep you dry in style. At 103cm diameter, they’re generous for one person, but two could squeeze under at a push.

They’re also the umbrellas of choice for photographers. The clear material doesn’t diffuse the light, a particularly important point if the day looks like it’ll be cloudy. They also give you the chance for some beautifully creative photos!

Key features: 

  • 103cm diameter – ideal for one, but two can squeeze. For weddings, we recommend one per person
  • Clear material – photographers’ choice for the best photos on rainy days
  • Auto open – don’t get caught short, auto open means one-handed coverage in an instant

Looking for less than 10 clear umbrellas?

You can also order individual quantities of our single clear umbrellas.

Want to mix and match with other styles?

These clear umbrellas pair beautifully with our golf-size White Umbrellas too!

Weather forecast looking uncertain?

Why not grab some paper parasols too? Then you’ll be covered whether it’s raining or sunny!

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 95 × 5 × 4 cm
Clear Umbrellas

103cm diameter – ideal for one, but two can squeeze., Clear material – photographers' choice for the best photos on rainy days, Auto open – don't get caught short, auto open means one-handed coverage in an instant


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