Clear Umbrellas – Postage

Our clear umbrellas are our biggest seller! They’re a classic umbrella shape and size and will add style to any wedding theme. Plus, they’ll help you and your guests stay dry if there’s rain on the forecast. You won’t regret having a back up plan, so grab a few boxes of our clear umbrellas for peace of mind.

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Clear Umbrellas

These beautiful clear umbrellas will keep you dry on your big day or upcoming shoot. They’re a natural umbrella style (no birdcages here!) with white tips, a curved white handle and a stylish silver frame.

At 100cm diameter, they’re generous for one person, but two could squeeze under at a push.

These are the umbrellas of choice for photographers. The clear material doesn’t diffuse the light, a particularly important point if the day looks like it’ll be cloudy. They also give you the chance for some beautifully creative photos!


100cm diameter

Ideal for one, but two can squeeze. For weddings, we recommend one per person

Clear material

Photographers’ choice for the best photos on rainy days

Auto open

Don’t get caught short, auto open means one-handed coverage in an instant


Canopies keep their integrity, even after many ups and downs


Traditional curved white handle, silver zinc coated chrome frame and white tips

Why shop with Wedding Umbrellas Australia?


Manufactured to our exact specifications, our umbrellas are made just for us. We import them and then check each umbrella before it goes out the door. 

Local Supplier

We’re simply a family run business - we started in Lane Cove in Sydney and now run the business from our home on the Central Coast of NSW.

Flexible Shipping

Whether you’re planning ahead or need umbrellas NOW, we’ve got you covered. Pick up, Express or Standard - choose what suits.

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